time to step up your game

The story behind the BA...

Living on the West Coast of Canada, we've had our fair share of climbing mountains, running on fields and swimming in lakes...

Translate that into long hikes, soccer practices and wet, sweaty hair... In 2014, we realized we needed some gear that fit our needs and encompassed what we are passionate about! Fast forward to today, we base Branded Athletics on the principles of what we learned from sport growing up: hard work, determination, quality and giving back.




Canadian Sales Inquires:

Jarret Olson  250-888-2213

Fraser Valley & Rugby Sales Inquires:

Jenn Ross  604-807-8017

BC Interior Sales Inquires:

Fred Bourcier 250-212-1119

USA Sales Inquires:

Gerry Hodne  303-888-6944

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